Why You Should Consider Migrating Your LMS

Sometimes, your Learning Management System, just like your website, or your car and definitely your socks, needs changing. This can be for a few reasons.

  • Your LMS is outdated. Some LMS are so outdated you’re missing out on great new features which are designed to make your life easier as an LMS administrator and to provide a better environment for your learners.

  • Your LMS is not (or cannot) be integrated. If your LMS is standalone, you’re missing out on many integrations such as to your CRM or Student Mangement System. These days, its easy, and many integrations are off the shelf. These are designed to make your life easier and there are several marketplaces around providing you with a plethora of choice.

  • Your LMS is not secure. Let’s face it, staff turnover is a given. People come and go, including your LMS administrator. Its important to have an LMS that’s secure, stable and has its contract reviewed a minimum of once per year.

  • You hear crickets from your vendor. You need to be hearing from your vendor on a regular basis. Your vendor should be telling you about upgrades, support options and any new features coming up on the product roadmap.

  • It just looks old. Many LMS look like old legacy systems. This is a huge turnoff for modern-day learners who have grown up with slick user interfaces and supportive user experience design.

  • Support is poor. So your sales guy promised you the world and disappeared as soon as you handed over the cheque book? All too familiar! Support is one of the most popular reasons people leave.

But isn’t migration expensive?

Short answer, it doesn’t have to be. Remember, you own your data and in many cases your content. It’s worth asking potential new vendors if they offer this service for free, or at a reduced rate.

eCreators handle migrations regularly, from many vendors across the world. If you’re thinking of migrating, why not give us a call?

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