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rapid development

Our customers regularly request the need to develop learning in a rapid time frame. This is one of eCreators greatest strengths. We can take your idea, storyboard it and have the finished product back to you in a flash.

high end development

Sometimes our customers want to get uber-creative, and our designers love it. We’ve worked on varying subjects from complex mechanics to red blood cells traversing the body. Our flash capability can take you on interactive journeys through virtual worlds or provide you with cinematic experiences. The only limit is the ‘imagination’!

custom skins and templates

If you’re developing eLearning content, we can provide you with custom skins and templates to make your life a whole lot easier. eCreators can build e-learning templates and save you a stack of time.

our approach

We don’t use a typical vendor/customer out of the box model. We get to know your company and your people so we can create e-learning content that can connect with your learners on an emotional level. We love making content that has an emotional connection with your learner, and it shows in the amazing quality of our work.

“We were extremely impressed by the experience we received when dealing with eCreators from the outset. This led to a very professional demonstration and then access to a demo site (which already included our graphics, style, logo etc) in less than 24 hours. We have now “gone live” and have received great support in doing so. We feel that we have entered into a genuine partnership with eCreators.”

Sean Wood 

Chief Operating Officer at Interactive Consulting Group

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No matter the eLearning problem, here at eCreators we have the solution. With a large team of experts to guide you from start to finish, getting in contact with us will be the fastest way to get to your desired outcome. Plus we are only a few clicks away!