ecreators is proud to be a certified moodle partner

full integration

As an open-source platform, Moodle easily integrates with and complements your existing education and workplace software solutions, including Google G-Suite and Microsoft Office.

flexible and collaborative learning

Work and learn together in forums, wikis and much more. Encourage self reflection and peer assessment with dedicated tools. Get feedback through polls and surveys.

data driven

Moodle Analytics allow you to track compliance, course completions, and competencies which is valuable when considering employees for promotions or succession planning in general.

extendable & customisable

Your Moodle learning site is extendible and customisable with over 1400 public and free plugins created by our global community. Check our Moodle plugins directory.

With ecreators you get

Advanced analytics

With eCreators, you get real-time analytics on your learners, Identify at-risk learners, track and improve learner engagement, enable learner self-management, create better assessments, track instructor engagement, and more

Amazing hosting

When you host your Moodle LMS with eCreators, you’re choosing the latest in server technology and 24/7 support. Reliable and fast hosting on the AWS network plus expert assistance just a call, email or visit away. That’s why eCreators is the most trusted LMS provider in Singapore.

Moodle integrations

At eCreators, we are experts in interconnectivity and, as a Moodle Certified Partner, you know you can trust us with your Moodle LMS. We work via direct integration or Moodle API, so that you can get your LMS fully integrated with your existing systems.

24/7 support

We are always here for any questions you have in regards to your Moodle Learning Management System. With a team of experts in various fields you're sure to find your answer at eCreators. Send us an email, give us a call or even visit us, we are always available!


eCreators are experts in Moodle Multi-tenancy. Multitenancy is an enterprise feature of Moodle that allows us to create multiple LMS versions from one Moodle installation. This is great for organisations and businesses that manage customers, partners or even internal departments learning systems.

Enterprise solutions

Moodle Enterprise implementations for RTO’s, Government, Not for Profits & Corporates. When full enterprise architecture, development and integration is required, eCreators have at hand Solutions Architects, Business Analysts and developers to ensure your Enterprise Moodle project is a success.

Choose the perfect plan

We can quote for any number of users and functions, so either choose one of the plans below or get in contact withus with your specific requirements!


Per month

12 Month Subscription required*


Per month

12 Month Subscription required*


Per month

12 Month Subscription required*

Our clients say

“We were extremely impressed by the experience we received when dealing with eCreators from the outset. This led to a very professional demonstration and then access to a demo site (which already included our graphics, style, logo etc) in less than 24 hours. We have now “gone live” and have received great support in doing so. We feel that we have entered into a genuine partnership with eCreators.”