How to Access eLearning Without the Internet

The new ‘norm’ has settled in with most organisations adapting to doing more of their work online. One has to wonder, what happens if you’re not able to have online access to your learning? How do you remotely encourage learning uptake across an organisation? How to access eLearning without the Internet? “There are ways for learners to continue to access their online courses even if they don’t have internet access”, said Liam Liddicoat, Commercial Services Manager at eCreators. The Sydney Morning Herald reported in March 2020 that there are still 2.5 million Australians not connected to the internet – and that means, no online education. So, how does online learning work offline?


LMS apps, such as the Moodle Mobile app, allow learners to download content when they do have internet access to view later while they’re offline. “We see a lot of clients use this when their workers are in remote, regional areas and have some downtime for learning.” Liam added, “When the learner has access again to wifi, their progress is synced back to the LMS. This could also be used if a student needs to use the wifi at their local library because they don’t have it at home.”


Organisations frequently invest in designing and developing beautiful and interactive eLearning courses. However, these all require internet access to work. Most eLearning authoring tools will also allow course designers to download the course as a PDF, which could be used in scenarios where learning needs to occur without internet access. In the last few months, the online learning industry has made a big leap forward due to the pandemic. Our team are working hard to bring innovations that can help organisations support their learners during this time.

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