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Why go with Enterprise?

Dedicated hosting

You'll be hosted on a dedicated infrastructure, meaning privacy and security is guaranteed. Everything from management, security, memory, storage and IT support will be taken care of by eCreators.

Design workshop

We will work with you to design your system to match your company brand. Every part of your system will be customised with your branding, colours and anything else you can think of!

Integration & customisation

Have existing systems that need to be integrated with your new software? With eCreators Enterprise everything will be integrated & customised ensuring all the systems work together.

Complete support

We are with you through every step, from set-up, design and integration. Once everything is set up and working our Customer Education Team will be there to support your ongoing journey with eCreators.

With ecreators you get

Advanced analytics

With eCreators, you get real-time analytics on your learners, Identify at-risk learners, track and improve learner engagement, enable learner self-management, create better assessments, track instructor engagement, and more

Amazing hosting

When you host your Moodle LMS with eCreators, you’re choosing the latest in server technology and 24/7 support. Reliable and fast hosting on the AWS network plus expert assistance just a call, email or visit away. That’s why eCreators is the most trusted LMS provider in Singapore.

24/7 support

We are always here for any questions you have in regards to your Moodle Learning Management System. With a team of experts in various fields you're sure to find your answer at eCreators. Send us an email, give us a call or even visit us, we are always available!


eCreators are experts in Moodle Multi-tenancy. Multitenancy is an enterprise feature of Moodle that allows us to create multiple LMS versions from one Moodle installation. This is great for organisations and businesses that manage customers, partners or even internal departments learning systems.

Contact Us 24/7

No matter the e-learning problem, here at eCreators we have the solution. With a large team of experts to guide you from start to finish, getting in contact with us will be the fastest way to get to your desired outcome. Plus we are only a few clicks away!