Custom articulate training

Get more from Articulate with this custom advanced course

Who is it for?

The course is aimed at organisations who need their own custom training. Everything will be designed to get all you need from your training in either a 1 or 2 day workshop. Learn all you need to know about design, animation, interactions and assessment in this custom course!

Designed for you

Let us know what skills you already have in Articulate and what you are looking to improve on! We will then create a course and agenda that meets everything you’re looking for.

Choose your classroom

Wherever you need to have your training, just let us know and we will hold it there! As Singapore’s only certified Moodle Partner, we’re trusted to deliver courses that comply with Singapore policies and needs.



Daniella Soccio

With over 12 years of experience in both Customer Service and Administration, Dani is eCreator’s Customer Experience Specialist and Moodle expert. Before joining eCreators, Dani was the lead administrator of a multi-tenancy Moodle platform that serviced dozens of clients annually with both their LMS and content needs. With her extensive knowledge drawing from training and real-life experiences, she continues to help hundreds of eCreators’ clients around Australia and overseas to use, manage and create using the Moodle platform with ease.​

Kristian Lofhelm

After graduating in multimedia systems, Kristian has spent most of his career in multimedia fields especially in design and videography for content creation. He always looking to push the boundaries to create better solutions for business to take things to the next level. Prior to eCreators he spent over 8 years gaining experience in e-learning courses development. His passion and determination for the e-learning industry make him continually explore new ways to make learning interactive, better engagement for the users and for businesses to embrace new technologies.​