Course and Content development

-Build your own 

-eCreators rapid custom course and content creation

-Video production

Rapid Course & Content Development

We assist many of our customers in developing eLearning content or creating their own custom eLearning training capabilities in-house throughout Singapore. We can execute rapid content development within short time frames, right through to large project managed hosted LMS (Learning Management System) and content deployments

Build your own

With the assistance of eCreators Content Development Team and our experienced Instructional Designers, we can assist your organisation in creating content that looks great and is also educationally sound. Plus as an eCreators customer you get access to a green screen lighting studio, voiceover equipment and training rooms!

Video Production

eCreators can create entire video based eLearning modules or video snippets for your online courses. Our staff and partners can provide you with polished, professionally produced video content to bring your courses to life. We have access to production facilities, so you can sit in the directors chair and place your learning on the silver screen!

Contact Us 24/7

No matter the eLearning problem, here at eCreators we have the solution. With a large team of experts to guide you from start to finish, getting in contact with us will be the fastest way to get to your desired outcome. Plus we are only a few clicks away!