5 More Benefits of the Open Source LMS

Open source LMS

Some time ago, we wrote an article of the benefits of the open source Learning Management System. There are a few out there, but the main players are Sakai, Moodle, and LMS giant Canvas even have their own version.

This top 5 list doesn’t come in any particular order, which is one of the great things we love about open source – new things are coming out all the time.

1. It’s your choice 

Like building your own home, you have plenty of choices. With an open source LMS, you can choose where the doors go, where the lounge is, and the general layout, unlike a closed source ‘off the plan’ version. It’s all about pulling levers, and configuring your system exactly the way you want it, through to responsive design and mobile options.

2. There’s a community 

Take platforms like Youtube and Facebook for example. Now, there’s definitely a longer term strategy for both these companies, but I think you’ll agree, that free software definitely attracts a bigger crowd than paid service, hence, Moodles’ adoption for example is far larger than other LMS, due to the low cost of entry, and the incredible support community where you can venture to find help.

3. There’s an ecosystem of creators 

Some organisations have created entire companies out of making specialist software that plugs into open source tools – commercial offerings which enhance the use of the core software. There are literally hundreds, (thousands?) of companies that have created paid plugins to give organisations that premium experience (or so its perceived) at a fraction of the cost.

4. They’re becoming sought after

The recent sale of Linux to IBM is a big eye opener. The value is in the community of users and developers. Think of how long it takes to create and build a community and compared to how quickly it can be acquired. (Lets just hope they keep it open source!)

5. They’re self fuelled 

Open source communities run off their own steam, and generally off generous contributions of code and/or financial contributions. The people that contribute and donate to these causes genuinely believe in them.

These are just some of the benefits of open source LMS’s. If you haven’t had the chance to experience how popular this software can be, contact us for a demo of one, or a variety of these open source tools, and judge them for yourself.

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